Smart explainer animations for relevant communication

We understand that the coronavirus affects the foundation of your strategy. In these times of crisis it’s important to quickly adapt and inform your clients and co-workers of your new way of working.

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Make complex information understandable

A great way to have a production that makes a difficult message enjoyable, fun, shareable and understandable. See how we already made this happen for Watermelon, Zummit and Twelve.

Quickly produced

Within 48 hours we can create a kick-ass explainer animation 100% remotely so that you can talk quickly and purposefully to your audience. Of course, in a safe way.

Easy adjustable

Explainers allow you to create your own characters, locations and style elements in line with your own brand identity. If you decide in the future that your message needs some adjustments, we can quickly adjust it, so there is no need for a reshoot.

Social video advertisements

With social video advertisements we deliver your message to your audience in a smart and efficient way. We will run multiple video experiments to find out if we are reaching the right audience, through the right channels and with the right message. In this way we optimize the assets to achieve the campaign objectives.