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To learn a craft you have to trial and error. And you do that best in Carhartt Workwear. To tell this story we got our hands dirty again for the summer and winter collection of Carhartt Europe. With two hero films in which we show different crafts based on ambassadors, product-oriented teasers, a simultaneous TikTok campaign and photography, we have created an integrated production for two campaign moments in 2021. With this strategy and campaign we inspire the old and a new generation to wear clothing of Carhartt Workwear to get started..




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Winter Teaser



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German Winter Teaser

Wir bauen gemeinsam

French Winter Teaser

Nous créons ensemble

Go get your hands dirty

Brand ambassadors will tell visual stories that will inspire and motivate the audience to do a deep dive into their craft. We want to show the audience that hard work pays off, and next to that focus on the work dynamic of the craft itself and the interaction between a master (teacher) and the student. Working on something new or a skill and project that needs to be perfected; learning, teaching, making mistakes, making progress. It’s not about the result. It’s about perfecting your skills to become better in your craft.

Campaign Photos

Campaign Photos

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes


FJ & Carhartt Workwear

Thanks to our previous collaborations, we are now familiar with the powerful history of Carhartt Workwear. As a result, we can help them to make their brand stand out and distinguish themselves with a smart strategy. By once again realizing impact, we are further building awareness of the brand among the target audience group, where FJ is in the lead and guides the campaign in translating to all owned, earned and paid channels.



For more information contact project lead Fabian Fraikin via +31 6 10490669 or fabian@fjamsterdam.nl.


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