We are FJ, a creative agency from Amsterdam.

We create big, bold and beautiful ideas that seek people’s sincere attention. Using our passion for storytelling, we make films and content that help brands create true impact.


In the modern age, everyone is a creator. A new TikTok star is born every minute. An ever-growing amount of content fills more and more platforms and the one question always remains: How do you get through to people? How do you create something that speaks to them on an emotional level, so they start paying attention. Sincere attention? How do you spark people’s minds and reach their hearts?

At FJ, we believe it starts with a big idea, one that stands out creatively and can live within many different contexts. It needs a bold strategy to be able to reach the right people at the right time. And a beautiful execution, based on the age-old craft of filmmaking and the brand-new rules of content creation.

In the end, this means we talk to people on a personal, emotional level. Offering them content they can believe in and get behind. That’s how you create true impact as a brand, by creating big, bold and beautiful ideas that seek people’s sincere attention.



At FJ, our background is in filmmaking. For us, the idea is just the start. On every project we pour our love for film and its craft into creating big, bold and beautiful ideas. Communicating to our clients/audiences about their vision’s and needs we create visual storytelling and establish a creative direction to get people’s true attention. To connect with people on an emotional level. And to captivate and inspire them with a message carefully crafted and beautifully told.


Meet the FJ Minds

Fabian Fraikin

Video Marketing Strategist / Co-Founder

Jasper Fraikin

Video Marketing Strategist / Co-Founder

Luc Buker

Motion Graphic Designer

Annelijn van der Linden

Junior Producer

Sophia Schweens

Content Marketer